Baby Boy

The leaves are starting to change colors before my eyes.
Hues of gold, red and yellow.
I feel there crunch beneath my feet.
I make a sigh as I realize how much time has gone by.
I feel the crisp dew kissed air.
I look up and see the sunshine through the trees.
I close my eyes and think of you.
Baby boy I miss you.
How I want to kiss you
Baby boy I want to hold your hand.
Baby boy I feel you.
Shine a little light on me.
Soon I know the trees will be bare.
They will look like there is no life in them.
But I know like you there beauty is there just hidden from my eye.
The ground around me will be cold and still.
Covered in the fallen snow.
The world looks bleak and in mourning.
Baby boy I miss you
How I want to kiss you
Baby boy I want to hold your hand
Baby boy I feel you
I know just when the world is at it darkest.
The clouds will fade away.
Life will sprout anew.
Bringing color my way.
Butterflies and flowers will lighten my day.
The sun will light my way.
Baby boy I know I miss you but I am going to be ok.