I am and always have been one to try. Trying means hope and hope means I haven’t lost. This battle with what life gives me is so uphill. When do I reach the top or at least flatten out. I am tired of the struggles so I have decided to try to go to school. I was hoping to have one thing in this life I can control.

It seems alot of funding and grants I don’t qualify for. I am hoping that there is some way. I refuse to do school loans and put my family on more debt. I need just one break. Today my son called at 4 am his house was on fire. Minor damage and he burned his foot not bad but bad enough. It seems his friends dad he lives with put hot ashes in a garbage can and the can lit on fire. A miner on his way to work saw and pounded on the door until someone answears. Thank god he did all I could think is what if he didn’t. I would be mourning another son tonight.